5 Clinical Centres in Spain visited by the ABLE Team
First lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton that restores the ability to walk of people with lower-limb paralysis.
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5 Clinical Centres in Spain visited by the ABLE Team

During the month of July, the ABLE Human Motion team visited 5 rehabilitation centers in Spain with the aim of exchanging knowledge in robotic neurorehabilitation and demonstrating the new ABLE Exoskeleton.

During the visits, we had the opportunity to meet several physiotherapists and patients and exchange views with them about rehabilitation and the technologies they use on a daily basis. Afterwards, we presented our device, the ABLE Exoskeleton, and did demonstrations to show how it works and its main features.聽

First, we were in Madrid, where we visited 2 rehabilitation centers: the Fundaci贸n Bobath and the CEN, Centro Europeo de Neurociencias.

At the CEN, Centro Europeo de Neurociencias, we met Berta and her story of struggle and overcoming. Berta finished her medical studies but has been denied to practice as a family doctor due to her quadriplegia. In the video, you can see her walking with our ABLE Exoskeleton.

Get to know Berta’s story 馃憠 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMGyICzRXGU

Support Berta in her fight 馃憠 https://www.instagram.com/p/CtMX8MnNHwd/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D%3D

Afterwards, we went to La Coru帽a, where we visited 3 rehabilitation centers: Rehabilitaci贸n Neurol贸gica Cefine, Fisioterapia Coru帽a Neurostep, Sinapse Neurolog铆a.聽

The experience of both visits was very positive! 馃檪 All patients who tried the device managed to walk successfully in the first session, even when most of them have no ambulatory function. In addition, we were able to collect several opinions and comments from expert clinicians and patients, which are going to be very useful for future improvements and new developments in our exoskeleton technology.

The visit to these rehabilitation clinics allowed us not only to demonstrate the effectiveness and performance of our technology but also to learn from the experiences and knowledge of other professionals in the field of neurorehabilitation.

Facing the challenges involved in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological injuries requires a multidisciplinary approach and collaborative work. These visits help us to continue improving by exchanging ideas and knowledge with other experts in the field.

In conclusion, it was a very enriching experience, both for our team and for the patients and health professionals who participated. We were able to show once again the importance of incorporating users during the design and development of rehabilitation devices, in order to create technology that best meets their needs. In addition, during the demonstrations, the clinics were able to discover firsthand the benefits that the ABLE Exoskeleton can bring to patients with neurological pathologies. We continue to make progress in the development of innovative solutions for neurorehabilitation!


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