ABLE Human Motion Exoskeleton Presentation Event at UPC | ABLE Human Motion
First lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton that restores the ability to walk of people with lower-limb paralysis.
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ABLE Human Motion Exoskeleton Presentation Event at UPC

Presentation of the first prototype of ABLE Exoskeleton at UPC, ETSEIB with a live demonstration with Ivan Camps, wheelchair user.  Watch the video and find out more about the event:

On April the 8th the first public demonstration of the ABLE Exoskeleton took place at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC-ETSEIB). The pilot-user, Ivan Camps, stood up from the wheelchair and walked around the stage without the intervention of specialized personnel. The attendants were touched when realizing bringing back independence and freedom of movement to the population with a spinal cord injury (SCI), is possible. Despite existing other exoskeletons on the market, it was emphasized that ABLE is unique: light, functional and affordable. Read full chronicle here

Sara Rovira Romero


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