Catalonia Exponential Leaders

ABLE Human Motion has been recognized among the 10 most innovative companies in Catalonia by ACCIÓ, the “Catalonia Exponential Leaders”.

The Department of Business and Labor, through ACCIÓ -the agency for business competitiveness- has recognized the 10 most disruptive companies in Catalonia, which have received the distinctive seal of ‘Catalonia Exponential Leaders’. This recognizes them as inspiring references in the field of innovation. They have been selected taking into account criteria such as the positive impact on society and the differential value proposition. Also the possibility of exponential growth and international scalability, the team, the business culture and the ability to attract other companies.

It was announced by the Secretary for Business and Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Albert Castellanos Maduell. During the fourth edition of ACCIÓ’s ExponentialDay4 held at the Barcelona Science Museum – CosmoCaixa. An event that brought together 400 businesspeople in person and online to reflect how to build a culture for disruption and innovation in the company. The event also had the participation of the General Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Lluís Juncà.

What is a Catalonia Exponential Leader company?

A company that dares to develop new global disruptive solutions through transformative projects that seek to create a better future.

ABLE has proven to be one, with the creation of a new generation of lightweight and easy-to-use exoskeletons that seek to transform the neurorehabilitation sector. With the purpose of facilitating greater accessibility to robotic rehabilitation. Thus, we seek to reach the greatest number of people possible, helping them to improve mobility and independence in their daily lives. Our exoskeleton offers unique benefits for the therapist and the patient, thanks to the incorporation of the latest technologies in robotics, motors, manufacturing, cloud computing and wireless connectivity.

Exponential Day #4: disruption and rebellion. 

With the fourth edition of Exponential Day, ACCIÓ wanted to promote the face-to-face networking and the approximation of companies to the trending technologies of the moment. Thus, attendees were able to immerse themselves in the metaverse universe through virtual reality glasses and an immersive room, as well as to make their own avatar or their first NFT. The act had also the participation of Simone van Neerven, founder of reBella, a company dedicated to highlighting the most innovative and rebellious talent in the companies, and Aleix Valls, CEO and founder of LiquiD and expert in digital transformation. Both speakers exposed the keys for success in a company: van Neerven explained the importance of having rebellious people within a company that wants to innovate, while Valls disclosed the keys to testing business models before launching them on the market.

At ABLE, we are very proud and grateful for this award that values ​​innovation and helps us spread the word about the cutting-edge technology that we create. We hope that this recognition will help us to continue promoting synergies with hospitals and other collaborators around the world.

Congratulations also to the other 9 fantastic projects at Catalonia Exponential Leaders:

Flax & Kale: is an innovative food company that aims to be a driver of change through healthy, tasty and sustainable food. In addition to the growth in its main business, catering, thanks to its focus on R&D&i, the company has made the leap to mass consumption becoming an omnichannel and multicategory brand.

BMAT: music industry operating system that applies artificial intelligence and Big Data to maximize the value of music and give fair recognition and compensation to its creators.

GPAInnova: technology-based SME that, through projects such as GPASEABOTS, combines state-of-the-art technologies for the inspection and preservation of the marine environment.

Kave Home: thanks to technology, the end-to-end digitization of the value chain and the use of new materials, they managed to create a new business model that offers a wide range of home furniture based on sustainability and taking advantage of new Ecommerce channels.

Uriach: has made a major transformation of its core business pivoting from a classic model of the pharmaceutical industry towards natural consumer healthcare. That is, highly innovative products based on natural ingredients that link to the clear international trend of natural and sustainable products.

AllRead Machine Learning: his main objective has been detecting, reading and digitizing from any camera to guarantee the traceability of goods, in addition to reducing costs and CO2 emissions and improving reliability, predictability and safety in operations.

Fregata Space: based on images from satellites, the company instantly determines the quality of air and water anywhere on the planet and at any time.

Innovamat: a startup that has managed to develop a new concept to teach mathematics in a more competitive, experiential and personalized format, already present in 1,200 schools.

Integra Therapeutics: with the development of advanced biotechnology and genetics, it has created a gene-writing platform with the purpose of preventing and curing genetic and oncological diseases by inserting DNA fragments into the genome.

The future of disruptive companies:

According to data from ACCIÓ, disruptive companies expect to have greater impacts in 2022 than all innovative companies. The forecasts highlight, in particular, the increase in turnover (78% of companies that carry out disruptive innovation say they will increase it), the creation of work sites (30%), and income from licenses and royalties (18%).

Catalonia Exponential, an event to inspire other companies and entrepreneurs to create business models that will transform the future. Thus, with this act, ACCIÓ defends how disruptive innovation and the attributes of exponentiality help companies to face changes in the environment and turn threats into opportunities.

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