ABLE visited the Integral Neurorehabilitation Center in Lorca (Murcia)

ABLE visited the Integral Neurorehabilitation Center in Lorca (Murcia)

In May we visited the Integral Neurorehabilitation Center (Centro de Neurorehabilitación Integral – CENERI) in Lorca, managed by the Multiple Sclerosis Association Area III (AEMA III).


Our ABLE team members, Helena and Erika, had the opportunity to share their knowledge in robotic neurorehabilitation and demonstrate the effectiveness of the new ABLE exoskeleton model in sessions with patients with different neurological disorders.

During the visit at the Integral Neurorehabilitation Center, four patients from the clinic tried our device, which has been designed to adapt to the rehabilitation needs of each patient. The patients’ experience with the device was very positive. Again, demonstrating the importance of integrating feedback into the design process.


In addition, ABLE’s clinical specialist, Helena López, participated in the XII TECHNICAL SYMPOSIUM ON MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. She highlighted the importance of incorporating robotics into rehabilitation process, emphasizing its possibilities and advantages. Participation was very rewarding, as this type of events provide a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge with other professionals in the field.

In summary, the visit was very enlightening. Once again confirmed our commitment to improving patients’ quality of life through research, development, and adaptation of innovative technologies for neurorehabilitation. Thank you very much to the entire AEMA III team for your hospitality! It is a pleasure to collaborate with professionals like you.



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