Alex attended as a speaker at Robotics Summit in Boston

Alex attended as a speaker at Robotics Summit in Boston

We are excited to share that our CTO and Co-founder, Alex Garcia Farreny , has recently attended the Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston as the closing act for the Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst program.


During the Robotics Summit, Alex was able to listen to world-class leaders in robotics development and commercialization who talked about new and future tendencies for the sector, and how to keep up with all the groundbreaking innovations that are constantly arising. He also had the opportunity to pitch ABLE Human Motion to a great audience of robotic enthusiasts and investors, receiving valuable feedback.

Within the trip, Alex also visited the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and met with Dr. Paolo Bonato, a member of ABLE’s advisory board and the director of the Motion Analysis Lab at Spaulding. They discussed the different research lines the group is following and how a potential collaboration with ABLE would look like once we step into the US market.

As a testament to our dedication towards excellence, Alex also met with current and potential component suppliers like Novanta Inc. and RLS to discuss new products, and how to integrate them in the ABLE Exoskeleton to continue improving our device.

We would like to thank the organizers for this great opportunity, and especially Juan Necochea Barbosa and Nuzha Yakoob for all the support throughout the program. It is through such platforms that we are able to move closer to our vision of providing a positive impact on the lives of those living with mobility impairments.



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