Who we are

We are a Barcelona-based start-up developing robotic exoskeletons

to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.



A world where everyone has the freedom to move.


Enhance human mobility and independence through lightweight,

easy to use, affordable technology.


Enabling mobility, to everyone

Enabling people to move on their own is crucial to unleash full human potential. Mobility is a fundamental part of living in society autonomously and freely, engaging in daily activities like working and enjoying leisure time. Our advanced technology aims to empower every person in a wheelchair, by providing better mobility and greater independence.


Able Human Motion ®

Cutting-edge technology backed by research

Research is a fundamental part of our innovation process: to explore disruptive ideas, build first proofs of concept and generate clinical evidence. A close relation with the Biomechanical Engineering Lab at UPC makes possible to go beyond what seems possible, involving research PhDs and benefiting from state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.


Solutions at the service of people

We want our users to be proud of wearing our exoskeletons. Therefore, to solve unmet medical needs, we involve users and clinical professionals from the beginning as part of the whole team. We strive for excellence, every detail and every opinion matter. Continuous improvement is the only way to engage clinicians, users and their families with new technologies.


ABLE Human Motion ®

Being different make us unique

We focus on people, respect value diversity and are committed to equality. We believe these three values drive innovation. The final goal of our innovations is to empower engagement in community, in social activities with family and friends, and also at work. Therefore, we celebrate joining multiple perspectives to create enriching environments and experiences.