Engineering Team

Pau Martínez

R&D Engineer

Industrial engineer with double Master’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering by the Illinois Institute of Technologies (Chicago, USA). He has worked on a wide range of topics, including research in structural analysis, test-bench design and implementation, actuator characterization and has experience designing estimation algorithms for GPS aircraft safety. This last research led to the publication of his first conference paper in the Institute of Navigation (ION, Virginia, USA) one of the most prestigious publications in the navigation industry.

Jesús de Miguel

Robotics Engineer

Electronics, Robotics and Automation engineer with experience in control techniques, programming and embedded systems. Jesús has a solid academic background which allows him to manage a wide range of tasks. He has a personal interest in innovative technologies that facilitate the improvement of people’s quality of life.

Miller Espinosa

Firmware Engineer

Electronics and Automation engineer with experience in web interfaces development, embedded systems and robotics. Miller is passionate about learning any technological and innovative area. His philosophy is to improve every day and help other members of the team to grow.

Marc Martínez

Mechatronics Engineer

Industrial engineer with experience in designing, programming and developing bio-inspired robotics.

Sylvain Kpekou 

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineer with experience in medical data analysis as well as designing and improving medical equipments. Sylvain has worked on several clinical studies and expresses a great interest for troubleshooting and solving human-in-the-loop type of problems. Sylvain believes in continued  research to seek new technologies to assist with safe and effective product development.

Jorik van Koppen

Biomedical Engineer

Double degree master student in Biomechanical Design and Communication Design for Innovation from the Delft University of Technology. Jorik has a passion for innovation. His interests range from solving complex engineering challenges to finding the ingredients for innovation in a context outside of engineering. Within ABLE, Jorik is making a sidestep towards computing by developing a desktop application that will help the rest of the team with their development process.