Inma Boscá and “Los Mejores Guerreros”

Inma Boscá and los mejores guerreros

We want to introduce you Inma Boscá, we are very happy to count on her as one of our ABLE Exoskeleton pilots. Inma, contributes in the continuous improvement of the exoskeleton, sharing her opinions and sensations with our team.

We interviewed her during the last visit, to share her story with all of you.

What is your story?

It all started in May 2013, with a headache. After a week, I couldn’t feel one leg. After several visits to the emergency room, the results of an MRI seemed to indicate the presence of tumors in the spinal cord and I was admitted to the hospital. Within a week of being admitted, I could no longer move my legs. After many tests, tumors were ruled out, but to this day, I still do not have a clear diagnosis. It is not known what caused my spinal cord injury. 

In 2019, Inma and Toni, her husband, started the “Los Mejores Guerreros” – Best Warriors project, to share their story and raise funds to finance her rehabilitation.

How was “Los Mejores Guerreros” born?

“Los Mejores Guerreros” project started with the need to find a cure for my injury, and we created a team to compete in popular races and mountain races to get sponsors to cover the costs of rehabilitation. In addition, our mission is to be able to help more people with any type of rare disease or spinal cord injury with our experience.

In addition, Inma and Toni are also part of the association Cazarettos. It is a non-profit association, which through the Joëlette mountain chairs and the directional bar, performs adapted sports and adapted hiking outings. It is mainly dedicated to enabling people with functional diversity to access the natural environment and participate in inclusive sport.

¿Could you tell us more about Cazarettos?

For us, Cazarettos is not only an association, it is also our family. With them, we were able to enjoy the heart of the mountain again, thanks to their volunteers and the Joëlette chair. Today we are part of Cazarettos and together we participate in challenges to raise money for the member of the association who needs it. In addition, with Cazarettos we also visit schools, to give visibility to sport and inclusion in the mountain. We also accompany anyone who cannot access nature by their own means.

Cazarettos has joined forces with Los Mejores Guerreros through the challenge “Inma Challenger”, to raise €10,000 to fund Inma’s annual rehabilitation. The Inma Challenger will consist of 4 challenges distributed throughout the year 2021.

What is the most incredible challenge you have faced?

As for sport, the Everesting, for its hardness. It consists of going up and down the same place as many times as necessary, to complete the 8849 meters that Everest measures. This tests you both physically and mentally. Although, we still have many challenges to do this year, such as “La Victoriosa”, which is a mountain race of 300 km in 3 days, of which we will try to complete 150 km. Or the Raid Sierra de Espadán, in which this year I will participate in all the races. We believe that no person with spinal cord injury has ever participated in this type of race.

And, personally, my rehabilitation, to which I dedicate 365 days a year.

How did you get to know ABLE? What caught your attention?

We met ABLE by chance, surfing the Internet. What caught our attention the most was its lightweight design.

During her first visit, Inma was able to try the exoskeleton and take her first steps with it. 

What do you like about the ABLE Exoskeleton? What do you feel when using it?

What I like most about the ABLE Exoskeleton is its lightness, it feels like you are not wearing anything. From the first minute, it is part of your body. The first time I tried the exoskeleton, for me, it was freedom. Being able to walk without anyone holding your legs is the best thing I’ve ever tried.

What does it mean to you to walk again? How do you think ABLE contributes to the rehabilitation process?

Walking again means feeling free again. This is the feeling you get with the ABLE Exoskeleton. Something as simple as being able to stand and look someone in the eye while having a conversation. It’s an exciting feeling. 

At the rehabilitation level, the ABLE exoskeleton is spectacular, because it is very intuitive. It brings a lot of security when walking, so you can stand for a long time. Standing helps to improve circulation, avoiding the dreaded ulcers, and to improve the musculature, apart from many other things!

As in “Los Mejores Guerreros”, ABLE has created a great team. They all work hard with the same goal, no matter how difficult the challenge – Inma Boscá


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