Management Team

Alfons Carnicero

Co-founder and CEO

Industrial and Biomedical engineer with experience in the development of medical devices and entrepreneurship, having participated in several acceleration programs. Alfons has worked within the Medtech industry in the areas of product development, R&D, manufacturing, rehab. engineering and biomechanics. He also worked at Institut Guttmann, which facilitates interaction with the center. Alfons is passionate about how new technologies and innovation can help to improve patient’s care.

Alex Garcia

Co-founder and CTO

Automation and Control engineer with experience in motion control, electronics and programming. Alex has worked in fields like automotive, 3D-printing and electronics. These experiences have allowed him to gain deep knowledge on subjects such as communication protocols, control loop design, system integration and agile methodologies. Personally, he finds new technologies and the change they can bring into people’s lives fascinating and he is certainly willing to contribute.

Josep M. Font, PhD

Co-founder and CSO

Josep Maria did his postdoc at the Centre for Intelligent Machines of McGill University (Canada) and is currently Director of the UPC Biomechanical Engineering Lab. He has wide experience in coordinating R&D projects and industrial contracts in the areas of rehabilitation engineering, biomechanics and robotics. He has published 32 articles in international high-impact journals, more than 100 conference papers, has requested 2 patents, and has supervised 3 doctoral theses.