Presentation of the ABLE Exoskeleton at Asepeyo Hospital
First lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton that restores the ability to walk of people with lower-limb paralysis.
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Presentation of the ABLE Exoskeleton at Asepeyo Hospital

On September 29th, we were at Asepeyo Sant Cugat Hospital participating in one of the “Scientific Divulgation” sessions that the hospital organizes on a monthly basis. During this session, we had the opportunity to present the results of our latest clinical trial, that are currently awaiting to be reviewed by a high-impact scientific journal. This clinical trial was conducted at the end of 2022 in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Service of the Asepeyo Hospital, obtaining very promising clinical outcomes. 

In addition to discussing the details of the study, we also used this space to present the new ABLE Exoskeleton, whose design is the result of all the feedback and observations derived from this study. The presentation was made by Erika Porras, a member of our ABLE team, together with Dr. José Estay, physician of the rehabilitation service.

We thank the Asepeyo Hospital for allowing us this dissemination space to share our experience in neurorehabilitation. We also appreciate the hard work of the Rehabilitation service, and especially Mariona Tolrà, Florentina Pérez, José Estay, and Beatriz Samitier for their dedication and great work during the clinical study. We hope to continue collaborating on many future projects. From ABLE, we will keep working to develop innovative solutions, based on clinical evidence, for the benefit of our users.


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