Project REACTION funded by CDTI (Eurostars-3)

Project REACTION funded by CDTI (Eurostars-3)

The project “REACTION: Robotic assisted balance and exoskeleton training in neurorehabilitation”, Eureka application number 1789 with ID number CIIP-20221022, from the company ABLE Human Motion, S.L. has received funding from the Eurostars-3 joint program with co-financing from CDTI and the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Framework Program.

REACTION is a project granted by CDTI that aims to develop the first modular gait trainer that combines the unique properties of a gait robot and an exoskeleton. With this approach we will offer an easy-to-use and adaptable device, which provides body weight support and balance, in combination with algorithms that assist the ankle and knee only when and how is necessary for each patient. The consortium is made up of ABLE Human Motion and 3 Dutch partners: Roessingh R&D, a research center for digital health and rehabilitation technology; Gable Systems, start-up with the first mobile gait training robot; and Sint Maartenskliniek, a hospital specializing in posture and movement.

For more information, check the final resolution of the grant:*1080



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