Discover what clinical professionals and patients have to say about the ABLE Exoskeleton.
What benefits do clinicians see in using exoskeletons for rehabilitation? What changes do patients experience when using the device? How does the ABLE Exoskeleton differ from other commercial exoskeletons? These and many other questions are discussed by them.
Expert physicians and physiotherapists share their experiences using the ABLE Exoskeleton in clinical practice.

“Therapists and patients learned very quickly to use the exoskeleton. This was one of the major outcomes for me, that this device really fits into the needs of clinicians in their daily practice.”

“The feeling is not that a robot is in control of the patient, it makes me much more involved in gait re-education”.


“ABLE Human Motion is the best… a Company from Barcelona with the lightest and cheapest exoskeleton on the market.”

Every experience is different. Hear the testimonials of our pilots about the ABLE Exoskeleton.

“You need to remind your body that its position is not to be sitting”.


“The latest model of ABLE Exoskeleton is the best than I’ve tried, it’s unbelievably good”.


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