Clinical investigations

We performed 2 clinical trials in leading neurorehabilitation hospitals in Germany and Spain proving safety, feasibility and usability of the exoskeleton in a clinical setting, and showing significant improvements in clinical outcomes and benefits in rehabilitation.

A Multicentric Clinical investigation in Institut Guttmann (Spain) and Heidelberg University Hospital (Germany), leading European neurorehabilitation clinical institutions. The main objective of the clinical investigation was to assess the safety, feasibility and usability of the ABLE Exoskeleton in a hospital setting for spinal cord injured patients.

A randomized crossover clinical investigation in Hospital Asepeyo Sant Cugat, in order to compare the ABLE Exoskeleton with the standard of care: passive KAFO orthoses.

Endpoints have been achieved in both clinical trials. The studies have demonstrated that the ABLE Exoskeleton is safe and that its implementation into clinical practice is feasible. Significant improvements in clinical outcomes and benefits for patients and therapists during rehabilitation have been reported.


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