First lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton

The problem

Spinal cord injury is a catastrophic event that thrusts 5 million people worldwide into a life challenged by disability. These people could stand up and walk again if they had a robotic exoskeleton. However, current devices require supervision and are out of patient’s reach.

The solution

ABLE is the first lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton for people with spinal cord injury that restores the ability to walk naturally and intuitively. It helps in palliating health issues caused by sedentary lifestyle while boosting self-confidence and independence.




Paolo Bonato, PhD

International KOL in rehabilitation engineering and exoskeletons

“I believe that a number of individuals with mobility-limiting conditions, such as spinal cord injury, would tremendously benefit from a low-cost exoskeleton system of the type developed by ABLE”

“Developing low-cost exoskeleton technology without sacrificing quality is a challenge that the engineers at ABLE appear to have handled in an excellent manner”

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